Live To Give: The Hanover Hilltop


August 10-12, 2018 - "Live To Give" the 3rd Annual Charity Competition inspired by the hit reality television series "Survivor". Competitors are raising money for 21 different charities! Event is hosted by the Rogers Lions Club & Brandon Nelson.

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On August 10-12, 2018 the 3rd annual "Live to Give" charity competition (formerly Survivor Sylvan Lake) hosted by the Rogers Lions Club will take place in Hanover, Minnesota. The event is inspired by the hit reality television series "Survivor." Just like on the TV show, our contestants will starve, strategize and compete in physically and mentally grueling challenges to earn the right to donate a portion of the funds raised by all contestants to their charity of choice.

Our contestants have each selected a charity with special meaning to them, and they will raise funds for that charity prior to the event and proudly represent the the charity in the event. 50% of the funds raised by each contestant will go directly to their chosen charity. The other 50% will be pooled with funds raised by all contestants, and these are funds the contestants are playing for during the game. Regardless of the outcome, every contestant and donor can feel good about their involvement in and contributions to this event because 100% of the funds raised by contestants go to charity!!

In the 1st season, we raised $2,710. In our 2nd season in July of 2017, we raised $17,764. Now we are back for a 3rd season and are hoping to raise even more money for these awesome organizations that make such an important difference in our communities! 

The 21 local and national charities the contestants have chosen to play for are below.

  1. Minnesota Breast Cancer Coalition          
  2. Minnesota Crohns & Colitis Foundation
  3. Joubert Syndrome and Related Disorders Foundation           
  4. Prevent Child Abuse - North Dakota 
  5. Environment Minnesota
  6. Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  7. Angel Foundation  
  8. Andy’s Angels 
  9. Cystic Fibrosis Foundation 
  10. 1 Million 4 Anna Foundation
  11. Mission 21
  12. National Ataxia Foundation 
  13. Project New Hope
  14. Freedom Farm 
  15. Breath of Hope Lung Foundation
  16. Rainbow Health Initiative
  17. Camp Needlepoint
  18. Galapagos Conservation Trust 
  19. The Sheridian Story To The Bridge Foundation
  20. Alzheimer’s Research Center at Mayo Clinic
  21. To the Bridge Foundation
We sincerely thank you for any support you are able to provide! No amount is too small. Every donation makes a difference!!