Tiferet Movement's Shabassanah Retreat 2022

Nov 11th, 2022 @ 3:30 PM

Eastern Standard Time


Enjoy the beauty of a traditional Shabbos, featuring amazing food and company, together with the benefits of gentle Yoga, meditation, communal prayer and deep Torah learning. Also a Motsei Shabbos program and a super- duper Yoga Workshop on Sunday!

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Event Information

Hi and Welcome,
Tiferet Movement Yoga is something I have created being an Orthodox Jewish Woman who was looking for a framework for practicing yoga in an environment that felt culturally secure and that incorporated spiritual teachings from my own tradition.
The Tiferet Movement Shabassanah Retreat partners with the International Shabbos Project to offer the beauty of "Shabbos"  together with the benefits of Yoga, taking its name from combining Shabbos with  "Shavassanah", the final resting pose that follows an active yoga class.

Join us to experience Shabbos in a non-threatening way if you are new to Shabbos, or to enjoy the benefit of Yoga, with it's nurturing and nourishing breathwork and movement in the context of a kosher and supportive Women's shabbaton.  (Financial assistance is available if required)

This year's Retreat will feature a special writing workshop " “Personal Midrash: Writing the Redemptive Stories of Our Lives.” by Sheryl Giffis, a special Yoga Workshop Sunday Morning with Rechelle Spooner and Massage from Michelle Lewish (+1 (845) 213-9736)

Retreat Schedule

​Friday afternoon Nov 11th

Arrivals and light refreshment from 3:30pm

​4:15pm Candle lighting followed by  

Candle-Light Meditation

​Evening Meal


Welcome and Inspirational Torah Insights

​After Dinner Program

 (Possibly Restorative Yoga)  

 followed by a "Fabrengin" or Kumsitz  

Shabbat Day Oct 27th

 8:30 -9:30am Rise and Shine Yoga

 8:30-10:00am Breakfast

10:30am Prayer and Learning Circle  

or Doverning in local Shul

​12:30-2:00pm Shabbos Meal

​2:00-3:30pm Free time  

3:30-4:15pm Interactive Learning Circle  

​4:30pm "the Third Meal" followed

by Havdalah @ 5:30pm  


Special Evening "Writing Workshop"  “Personal Midrash: Writing the Redemptive Stories of Our Lives.” followed by a bonfire and outdoor kumsitz

​Sunday Oct 28th

 Breakfast 7:30-9:15am

 9:30am-11:00pm Special Yoga Workshop with Rechelle Spooner!

​12:00 noon Lunch and Final Closing Session.

​Massage appointments will be available at the following times... ​

​Before Shabbat, Sat evening after Shabbat,

Early Sunday morning and Sunday after 12:30pm... with Michelle Lewish!