FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2022 - Attend in-person or via Zoom - The preeminent DWI seminar presented by internationally and nationally recognized DWI Defenders!

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Douglas Hazelton - "Lead-off Hitter:  Case law update"
Nancy Hylden - "Hit and Run:  Legislative update"
Charles Segal - "Double Plays Started: DPS New Rules"
Christine Funk - "Batting Cleanup:  Science Matters"
Joe Friedberg - "A View from the Commissioner's Office:  Ethics"
Joe Friedberg - "Free Agency Pitfalls:  Negotiation Practice"
Mike Nichols - "Banned Substances:  Marijuana Testing"
Jeff Sheridan - "Creative Ways to Score the Winning Run"
Erica Davis - "Keeping Your Players on the Field:  Immigration Consequences"