Annual Dues Are $12 per year.

Membership Due Fee - at $12 Per year

Membership dues are $12 per year prorated at $2 per month so if you get your membership in January you owe 12 dollars, in February you owe $11, in March you owe $10 etc... membership is from Jan through December.

If you have questions leave a message on the group fet page at

There will be a processing fee of approximately $1.94  that is charged by the system for online purchases. If you prefer to pay in person with cash please come to a First Friday Munch, Bring Cash, and notify MizLilly prior to attending.

Total: $0.00

Event Information

Annual dues are paid as $12 dollars per year prorated by month at $1 dollar per month. For example if you are renewing in January you will need to pay 12 dollars, in February 11 dollars, March 10 dollars, etc...

To renew your membership you will need your old card number as that is how your new card will be verified.

Pay online then your card will be brought to you at the next First Friday Munch.

If you have any questions feel free to email the group on FetLife

This event is hosted by Kevin Weck

Contact Us with any questions