Emergency Surgery for Jinx

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Update #3

November 4, 2015 at 4:20 PM
Jinx is at his foster home now and doing well. We had a bit of a scare Monday because Jinx had gotten his ecollar off during the night and his doctors were concerned he had done some damage to the PU site by licking so he was anesthetized on Monday to assess surgery site and clean the area. Thankfully everything looks great!! We found him a more comfortable collar and he has not been quite so disagreeable to this one.

Beautiful Jinx is a 2 or 3-year-old flame-point Snowshoe cat. Jinx came to RCHS less than a week ago – and thank goodness he did! As soon as he arrived we sent him off to be neutered and the surgeon discovered that Jinx had chewed off the tip of his penis. The remaining penis and prepuce were very damaged and swollen. Like a fox that chews his leg off when caught in a trap, it is possible that Jinx saved his own life: His urine shows that he has very large numbers of crystals so we think that he may have been unable to urinate (a life-threatening condition). Unfortunately, while ensuring his ability to urinate, he did considerable damage to himself. The whole area was extremely irritated and painful and although he helped himself in the short term, in the long term he would be in big trouble without surgery because as the wounds healed scar tissue would form and close all the openings he made.

 To correct all this damage Jinx needs a contrast study to assess the degree of injury and be sure that all the leaks are identified. Upon completion of that study, Jinx will go directly to surgery. The surgery is a perineal urethrostomy, often referred to as a PU. In this surgery, the distal part of the penis is removed and the more expanded section of the urethra then is opened up and sutured to the surrounding skin to widen the urethral orifice.

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