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We'd like to give special thanks to our partners, The Panthers Foundation and the Broward Sheriff's Office who without their support we couldn't have had the impact we have had so far this year!  

At this time, more than ever we need the community to come together to show its support of grassroots programs and services that are pillars in the community they serve and have been deeply effected like FLCC’s INSPIRE2HIRE Youth Empowerment program, due to the pandemic of the virus and racial unrest.  

Fort Lauderdale Community Center (FLCC) provides innovative programs to improve the lives of at-risk youth and families from blighted areas in the BMSD (the Broward Municipal Service District Unincorporated Broward County) and neighborhoods primarily in underserved communities in zip code 33311.

Inspire2Hire – Youth Internship, Jobs and Employability Skills program. Each season we have a new cohort of interns and funding is needed to assist with internships and support. We provide after-school community center programs for children and youth ages 12 to 19 such as: a) After School meeting and homework assistance, b) Mentoring, educational and skills development, c) Career planning, d) Field trips and exploration, e) an Arts program that helps youth develop, incorporating fun activities to build character, empowering youth, building leadership and respect for others and themselves. We have seen dramatic changes in participating with improvement of their grades, behavior, discipline, self-esteem and prevention of bullying – promoting good citizens in our community.    

At this time, because of the pandemic we are offering our students a summer packet that will consist of workbooks, journals, an easel, canvases, paint, brushes, and brain game puzzles. In the fall, we plan to offer a winter packet that will have fun ways to help keep students engaged with their school activities. This is all we can do at this time to keep them and us safe. Many do not have access to the internet or a home computer which will put many of our students behind in their studies in the upcoming year. We want to be ready for them by next year, which is why we are asking for your support NOW. At this time we will be checking on students and their families, offering assistant with mask, rent, utilities, food and transportation.  

The demographics of the population served are: 95% African American, annual family income of four is less than $24,000 according to the ALICE Report by the United Way in March 2019. The unemployment rate is over 64% and 75% of the students are on free or reduced lunch. Your support could help us have a greater impact reaching some of the most vulnerable who have been left out of case management services---which is how most resources make it to our community to help improve the lives of residents and strengthen families.

Inspire2Hire’s Budget:

          Program Manger                                      $  42,000.00
          Life Coach (4-part-time)                          $  62,400.00
          Program Activities                                   $  15,000.00
          Consultants                                               $ 20,000.00
          Field-trips                                                    $  8,000.00
          Bus Passes                                                 $  2,000.00                                                                                                                     

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