Raise money for a debate team

You're the advisor for the debate team and you want to get the students a good deal on shirts they can wear to competitions. Thing is, the deal doesn't last forever and you can't pay the money out of pocket yourself. You need to collect the money from the team members and you need to do it fast. You know they'll forget to bring the money in, so you need another solution. Something they can use to pay you immediately. 

Walk me through it

Collect money from any group for any purpose

Set up

We've made it easy to create your own web page to publish the information about your fundraiser, event or shared expense.  We enable people to pay you with their credit cards.


Send a notification to whoever you'd like to involve or simply share your web page on Facebook, Twitter or via email.


We help you organize your list of people and track who's paid and who hasn't.  You can even export the list with all the details to a spreadsheet.