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Education, Training, Affordable Housing and Technology is what pumps life and economic development into a community! A community that works towards achieving these factors is more vibrant, creative, and possesses an unlimited potential that can break the cycle of inter-generational violence, poverty, stagnation, and ignorance.  Said, CEO, L. Hope Gary.

Since 2009, the Fort Lauderdale Community Center led by two unique individuals: William Gary, Jr., Executive Director and L. Hope Gary, the Chief Executive Officer.  Together, they have implemented signature projects to ameliorate blighted neighborhoods and brought forth solutions to address the factor mentioned above to improve the lives of children, youth and strengthen families in the Broward Municipal District (BMSD) of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

No two people in Broward County have been more resolute in their beliefs than Hope and William Gary, who have dedicated their lives to achieving the dreams of young people and adults in our community of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As a part of their legacy, we wish to further develop partnerships to annually support and endow programs in the FLCC’s core focus areas of Education, Youth Empowerment, Training, Affordable Housing and Technology.

Research shows that investing in the core program areas implemented by the FLCC plays an important role in providing opportunities for some of the poorest residents who are often left out of services. The purpose of the FLCC is to “eliminate ignorance, homelessness, and unemployment in disadvantaged communities.”

The Seven Goals the FLCC Wishes to Implement for 2021-2022

1.     Summer Youth & Empowerment Institute Programming

2.     Family Strengthening, Financial Literacy, Health and Wellness

3.     Technology Exposure for Adults and Youth

4.     Jobs & Certification for Adults and Youth

5.     Exposure for Youth to STEAM including Mentoring & Tutoring (Science, Technology, Education, Arts & Math)

6.     Assistance to Seniors

7.     Assistance to Veterans

On an annual basis, $300,000.00 is needed to assist with funding the seven goals above to deliver excellent programs for residents reached by FLCC programs.

 Fort Lauderdale Community Center’s Budget:

          Management                                         $  31,000.00
          Space & Utilities                                     $  20,000.00
          Office Supplies                                      $   5,000.00
          Legal & Accountant                               $   3,000.00
          Insurance                                                 $    1,000.00
                                                                              $ 60,000.00

Helping Hand’s Budget:

          Case Manager                                        $  32,000.00
          Client Assistants-Flex Funds                 $  20,000.00
          Outreach Activities                                 $  13,000.00
                                                                              $ 65,000.00

Inspire2Hire’s Budget:

          Program Manager                                    $  42,000.00
          Life Coach (4-part-time)                         $  62,400.00
          Program Activities                                   $   14,600.00
          Consultants                                               $   30,000.00
          Field-trips                                                 $     8,000.00


FLCC will continue to also seek to implement other signature partnership projects each year, like successfully done with:

1) Developer for Wisdom Village – where we assisted in helping potential residents (Veterans, low-income families as well as the homeless) – who successfully transitioned to new affordable housing, leading more than 50 families being placed and accepted for affordable housing at Wisdom Village.

2) Disaster Relief Recovery and Preparedness – After Hurricane Irma (AIR) Project – which was also successfully implemented to assist those affected by Hurricane Irma in the Broward Municipal Service District (BMSD) primarily zip codes 33311 and 33312 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

3) Youth Empowerment Conferences, Workshops, Afterschool and Summer Enrichment.

4) Technology Programs.

5) Jobs and Internships for youth.

6) Hope House – providing transitional housing to 1,000’s of homeless individuals, families, disabled Veterans, and teens transitioning out of foster care.

7) Helping Hands – providing assistance to 100’s with help with resources in the area.

8) FarmShare – providing food to 100’s of less fortunate residents of the BMSD.

9) Community Outreach – cleaning up the neighborhood and providing our quarterly newsletter that reaches over 12,000 residents.

Let’s work together to further empower children, youth, residents and families, “eliminating ignorance” and creating a greater path of success in disadvantage communities.


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