All of our cows are out standing in their field! Now they need a barn—a barn with a milking parlor and milk processing facility. This barn plus is the last on our list of the ingredients needed to launch North America’s first truly sustainable cruelty free micro dairy. Everything else is in place: cows, pasture, customers and lots of love. Can you help us build these ladies a barn, parlor, and milk processing facility to turn their white liquid affection into the highest quality food?

Sri Caitanya Sangha is a non-profit corporation focused on sustainable, spiritually sensitive living. To date we have established three rural communities in the Americas. Our third community, Saragrahi, is located in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains on 150 acres of mountain forests and lush valleys. All we need is some of your love to help us launch our cruelty-free micro dairy.


By selling the cow’s milk to the community and beyond, the cows are able to bring in enough revenue to sustain their happy lives. And by careful management of breeding and milking, we are able to have few enough cows that we can actually create a sustainable herd, one that does not end up growing exponentially only to collapse under the necessities required to maintain it. Thus the foundation of a sustainable, cruelty-free herd is careful planning. By using extended lactation (milking the cows for a longer period between pregnancies) and rotating pregnancies we minimize the number of calves born while maintaining a steady level of milk production. This is the only way to financially sustain a herd of cows without slaughter when most milk in America is subsidized and costs almost nothing. Through this carefully managed system, enduring cow-care and milk supply becomes possible.

For a more precise breakdown of our breeding and milking schedule, see here.


We are asking the greater community of supporters to assist us in getting our infrastructure in place. The barn will be the first architecturally-designed building, for which the land is prepped, roads developed, and septic and well are already in place. It is a wonderful design, making use of green-building procedures and materials, that will provide excellent accommodations for our cows and their caretakers (for whom there is a small apartment above the cows), as well as efficient professional grade spaces for processing milk for years to come with minimized amount of environmental impact.




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Thank you for your consideration,
Swami B. V. Tripurari

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