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Boston Self Help Center (BSHC) is a 501c3 with forty years experience of people with disabilities helping others with disabilities. Our members and others within the community could not find adaptive sports and recreation that they could participate in with limited upper body mobility and a need/preference to remain in their wheelchairs. Through networking and research we discovered that nationally there is a resource, the United States power soccer Association and the sport of power wheelchair soccer so with their assistance we hosted a demonstration in 2012. You might describe the experience as a “Field of Dreams” meaning that once we offered it, those with disabilities came and continue to come beyond our financial abilities to grow this is why we are asking for your donations.

BSHC started a power wheelchair soccer club/team in 2012, the Boston Brakers. Power soccer is played on a basketball court with four players to a side each potentially having a variety of disabilities and all using special chairs with guards and an oversized soccer ball. To be able to play since there are really no pickup games, the team needs to register with the United States Power Soccer Association at a cost, become a conference team or not but if you do become a conference team once the adrenaline bug bites, there are travel costs and other expenses for nationals. Here are some numbers and cost to consider:

National Competition: for a team to be competitive and to maintain itself national standing, the team needs to compete at nationals (held in Indiana). Our travel costs include flights, on the ground travel expenses such as wheelchair lift vans, hotel, food, and transport of our soccer chairs by U-Haul van which has cost us $15,000 the past two years. We have tried bringing as many players as were interested along with personal care attendants and our coach which usually has meant traveling with 14 total people.

Soccer Chairs: A strikeforce power wheelchair costs $7700. Of our current 13 returning and new players, only seven players have these competitive chairs while the others are using slower retrofitted, used chairs. Of the seven players who do have chairs, three are using chairs purchased by the team and the other for were purchased by the players themselves though our other teammates do not have the resources to do so.


As we and the team enter our sixth year, our greater goals are:

1.   establish a dependable source of financial support for the Brakers

2.   develop a strategic plan to grow the number of teams in the Boston area

3.   work with other stakeholders to facilitate regional networking for power soccer

4.   encourage adaptive sports programs to expand services to include wheelchair activities for those with limited upper body strength

We hope to fund van rentals and a future team van because only a few of us have vehicles.

With your help, we can do it!



Organized by JAMES WICE

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The deadline to Donate was Friday, June 1, 2018