NEWS UPDATE: We have been so blown away by the support this raffle has generated that we are now adding more prizes!  TWO more prizes have been added to our raffle! 

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Invade Dominate Destroy Raffle!

We have 3 custom toys to give away, and we will also be giving away Goatballs/Bubo Resin Baseball Bats to everyone who enters (details below).

PRIZE#1 - A Custom 3A Tomorrow King 1:6th Scale toy, by Wwwetworks & Mahnster. It sports a black tee with a samurai face-shield logo in teal on the front. His pants and pouches are dyed a deep purple and comes with some really sporting tats! 

PRIZE#2 - A custom 1/12th scale 2-eyed zombot diorama, by artist Wwwetworks. This set features a 1/6th scale square as a base, and a fantastic rust patina tying the whole piece together. Truly a one-of-a-kind diorama, and a welcome addition to any colleciton.

PRIZE#3 - A custom WWRp 1/12th scale JEA Dropcloth. This dropcloth features the popular 'JEA' colorway, which has not been available in this scale. One lucky winner will be adding this awesome bot to their crew. 

How this Works:

  • Tickets are $15 each.
  • For every $15 you spend, your name will be entered 5 times into the drawing, and you will receive (1) Goatballs/Bubo Resin 1:6 scale Baseball Bat. There will be (5) randomly inserted fully painted baseball bats, the rest will be unpainted. *Bats painted by Bubo.
  • The Raffle will end Wednesday, December 12th at 6:00pm (CST). A  winner will then be drawn at 9:00pm (CST), live, via:
  • Each participant may only claim 1 prize. In the event the same winner is drawn a second time, another name will be drawn until a new winner is pulled. 
  • All proceeds from this raffle will go towards shipping costs for the Custom figures, as well as the baseball bats. Any remainder will be donated to the original creator for the ‘Goatballs Wooden Bat’, Simon Be. Simon has been a major part of the toy community, and we would like to give a little back to him in his time of need.


None, everything ships on our dime. Prizes 1,2,&3 will ship Thursday, December 13th. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery for all baseball bats.

mumbo jumbo fine print: This drawing is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by ThreeA, Ashley Wood, or their affiliates. It is being offered and curated by Razak Mahnster, Carlo ‘WWWETWORKS’ Cacho, and Michael ‘BUBO’ Reilly.

Thank you for your support!

~Bubo, Wwetworks, Mahnster


more information & pictures can be found here:

Organized by Michael Reilly

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The deadline to Donate was Wednesday, December 12, 2012