Adrian Sean Gamble was born February 20, 2010. He is 2 years old and the 2ndof our three children. Adrian has a 9 year old brother named James and a 1 year old brother named Marcus. I, William Gamble, am his father and in the ARMY Reserves and his mom, Justine Gamble, is an RN for Butte County Behavioral Health. Our family is originally from the bay area, but just recently moved because Justine was offered a nursing position in Chico, CA.

Adrian is a very fun, outgoing, and loving child. He is shy sometimes, but for the most part is a very sweet kid. For a 2 year old, he is very respectful and well mannered. A few of his favorite things are: football, baseball, Yo Gabba Gabba, Diego, dinosaurs, robots, Angry birds and Lucky Charms. Like any child he loves to watch cartoons, but loves to watch the Giants or Niners when they are on TV. If he’s comfortable, he can hold a conversation with you about whatever is on his mind. Though he pronounces words very well, he usually adds an “s” to the end of every word. For example, cereal would be “cereals.”

Recently, Adrian became really fussy at times and did not want to do things he normally liked to do.  As of September 14, 2012, he spiked a fever. We treated it like any other fever by giving him children’s Ibuprofen. After taking medicine, his temperature was back to normal in a few days. A week or so later, his fever came back and though he was taking medicine, it wouldn’t go away. Justine and I were worried when he suddenly started to limp and did not want to put any weight on his right leg. That’s when we brought him to the hospital.

On October 17, 2012, Adrian was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma cancer. It is a nerve cancer in its last and worst stage. Unfortunately, it has spread to multiple places in Adrian’s body. It is life threatening and the cure rate is not in our favor. The doctors have a treatment plan for Adrian and will do everything they can to cure him. Our family is devastated, yet we are thankful we have the chance to fight.  We will stand behind Adrian and fight this cancer with him.

Even though our family is strong, we cannot fight this battle alone. We are asking for any help. From things to keep Adrian happy, words of encouragement, prayers, medical supplies, gift cards, donations, anything you can do to support us through this battle. All donations will be used for medical bills, insurance deductibles, overages and coinsurance, gas to take him to and from the hospital, medical equipment for our home, I.E. germicidal wipes, gloves, masks, HEPA filters etc… Our insurance coverage pays 80% of medical costs. 20% of all overages and hospital bills are our responsibility. Since Justine has taken leave from work, we will also begin to pay 100% of our health insurance premium beginning in November. We are exploring all avenues of financial aid, cancer resources for families, state disability, Medi-Cal, and anything else someone refers to us.

The Gamble family appreciates all the love and support. Our army will continue to grow with every supporter we get. Please join us. Stand behind Adrian as we fight cancer and together we will be victorious!

Organized by William Gamble

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