Hello everyone, this is Cleo:

New home

Soaking in the tub 

Cleo exploring her new home.

Cleo is my rescue ball python that Ive had since mid-May. I dont know how old she is but I love her so much! She is currently sick and the veterinary bills are costing $200 dollars. I know its not much but its just $200 that I dont have. Eventually, it will cost an extra $55 for her check up in a month.

I am a full time enrolled college student working on paying off my loans and just barely getting by as it is.

Some details on Cleo's injuries/sickness:

  • ventral scarring that is getting infected and requires both betadine soaking and antibiocs (topical and liquid)
  • infections that possible are lowering her appetite
  • left eye scarring
  • a possible lower spine break that does not inhibit her mobility
  • all of these have accrued with her previous owner and I had no responsibility

The bills include physical check ups and prescriptions.

I know not everyone can donate but I thank you for your time and effort in even reading this page and passing it along. Thank you.

Organized by Rebecka Mallory

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The deadline to Donate was Tuesday, October 2, 2012