We are meeting now for the great 50th birthday of our class! Jocks, collegiates, greasers and The Pub Group are all getting together to make this a BIG one!

We've got a great weekend planned for the SJH Class of 70!

We just aren't sure yet of when & where!

Send us your ideas!

Questions or ideas?
Call Greg Patt 440-479-8641

Organized by Greg Patt

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Friday Night with the Boys $0.01 $0.00

Saturday Night Dinner with MC John Kloos $0.01 $0.00

Something - Just not sure what yet! $0.01 $0.00

Want to give a little extra to the school? $ $0.00

Five years ago, the class of 70 led the charge by collecting over $100,000 for scholarships for VASJ. That was more than ANY class had ever done then and since!

The school is thriving, again!

VASJ has over 430 students. 100% of the grads for the last three years going to college. Incoming classes have grown by 5% each year. Tuition is now $8,700 and they can use your help! We are the fastest growing private high school in Ohio over the past 4 years.

Keep the memories you and our classmates have created alive and well by donating to VASJ.

Total: $0.00

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