This is a donation into the fund to keep Roll Your Own an option for the free citizens of the United States.  As many of you have already heard, the big tobacco corporations have TEMPORARILY succeeded in shutting down our RYO machines.  The Big Tobacco companies don't like us as competition and they have used their big pockets to shut us down.  They have successfully crushed over 1,000 mom and pop retail locations.  They have successfully put thousands of jobs in jeopardy.

We are fighting to keep our stores open.  Your donation is being put toward a legal fund to get our machines up and operating again.

This is the UNITED STATES, please fight for our right.  If we unite we can fight these guys.  Please donate, so the big bully Tobacco companies don't win.

See some articles:

Many many more on Google, just search: Roll Your Own Highway Bill

Also please take a moment to sign our petition:

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Organized by Rob Wilson

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All donations will go towards the legal fund to re-open our stores.

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