here's a new way for jucifer's amazing friends and fans to help us keep... being jucifer!  


  • our engine needs a lot of repairs

(there's only so much we can fix with duct tape +coathangers)

  • we need funds so we can finish recording our new album and put it out for you guys

(the right way... on incredible sounding vinyl with beautiful packaging)

  • all of this requires serious cash 

so we started this fundraiser!  


suggested donation is set at $10

if you would like to give more than $10 just click the box after the $sign and change the amount

p.s. you can donate on this page with your paypal or your credit/debit card.  if you don't have these but would still like to help, please message us on facebook or twitter and we'll figure something out :) 

\m/  our heartfelt thanks for your support and your contribution! ...YOU RULE!!!  \m/


Organized by gretchen lykins

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Please Donate by Friday, August 3, 2012

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Suggested Donation $ $10.00

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