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Hey friends and allies! It's time for the book fair again and Humboldt Grassroots is looking for donations to help cover the costs.  

As always you can expect publisher and campaign tables, a kid’s corner, and food in the main hall. We'll have two rooms for presentations, and there's more on the details of those on our website, linked at the bottom of this spiel. Free delicious food will be catered all day by Eureka & Arcata Food Not Bombs, and the food as usual will be so good! Everything cooked by FNB in past years has come from donations, with all the produce donated by local farmers. Coffee has been provided by  local roasters. The Book Fair is a day of community empowerment that tastes great!

Child care– The kids corner has drawings and books, puppets and toys, all sorts of fun stuff. Activities have included  face painting, paper making, readings, a puppet show, this year maybe a short play. We have the HGR-published coloring book The Walnut Tree by Kati Texas available at the kid’s corner for donation or free.

Activities in the kid’s corner depend on child interest, and adults will be around there for the whole event to entertain and supervise children.One year it became a child run discussion corner with story telling!

All the amazing publishers you have come to expect at The Humboldt Anarchist Book Fair like Little Black Cart Books,  AK, PM Long Haul and the rest will be there, along with some new ones. This year we are also inviting some supportive local book sellers.

The theme this year is sharing ideas that we can use to become stronger, healthier and freer. Great inspiring ideas, heart and resilience to overcome this oppressive system and live in balance with nature.The Humboldt Anarchist Book Fair is chock full of ideas and practices that can be used day to day to create strong movements, to provoke life changing thoughts, all to help create a sustainable free cooperative society!

The Anarchist Book Fair builds bridges between people and social movements, It is a great time to get great books, learn about and get involved in amazing projects and that are happening.

Organized by Humboldt Grassroots

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