Over the years, I have been offered many gifts and donations, which I have always refused because I do what I do for fun and to help promote, as a fan. I felt very uncomfortable taking money/gifts and always promised that when I needed help in the future, I would ask. That time has come...

My computer was gifted to me by someone we'll call The Douche back in 2008. The Douche and I had a falling out earlier this year and has threatened to take the system back several times. Considering how old the system is, and all important files are on external drives, I felt it best to purchas a new system, instead of fighting for the old one. At this time in my life, I'm in no position to purchase a new computer myself. And this is where I need the help of the Robot Skeleton Army (RSA) and fans of the channel alike.

I still sincerely enjoy dedicating my time and would like to continue on. With a new system, I will be able to continue on in my efforts and with better quality clips. Everyone is experiencing hard economic times, so any size donation is acceptable. You can make donations here, which accepts Paypal, credit card or bank account. This account is under my closest friend's name to proetect my identity. They are doing me a solid favor by allowing its use, so please do not contact or harass them for any reason.

If you care to make an anonymous cash donation (please...NO money orders nor checks), be certain to make it secure, so its not obviously money being sent to avoid theft. You may send it to:

Malinky Stoatir, PO Box 206, Hillburn, NY 10931-0206

ALL donations will be confirmed by direct personal response from me, so you feel comfortable the money has been indeed received.

This is all very uncomfortable for me due to pride and took weeks of much thought before I could agree to it. So donations will only be accepted for a short period of time. Once the time period is over, this page and all its contents will be removed to discourage future donations. I don't expect to get the total amount necessary but will find a way to make up the difference. If you have any questions, you may contact me privately through YouTube email.

Thanks very much for your time.

Malinky I. Stoatir, General, Robot Skeleton Army

Organized by Tuesdae Ward

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The deadline to Donate was Tuesday, September 13, 2011