December 31st


Please consider donating even $5.00 to help us continue our rescue endeavors.  We have several rescue doggies; doggies in foster care; and stray doggies that we help on a monthly basis.  It generally costs $20-25/mo for heartworm/flea preventative for each doggy (we are currently helping over 15 doggies) and that does not include food/treats.  We are also helping several other families with their dogs.  Big Baby is currently in need of heartworm treatment (see website at for information) and there are several other dogs in need of dog houses and other necessities.  ?As you can imagine, it adds up. 

On top of that, we still have outstanding vet bills for several of the doggies we have helped in the past.  We pray that we do not come across another fur-baby in need, but being in this this is bound to happen. 

We sincerely love and appreciate everyone's support!  Love, the Woof Connections Crew!

Organized by Allison Carroll

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Suggested Donation $ $25.00

We appreciate any donation at all, so please feel free to change the amount to whatever amount will work for you. Thank you so much!

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