Support the second annual internet fundraiser for a wonderful foundation!


I have agreed to be silent (no talking, no signing) for 1 hour during the month of October for very $200 I raise. You can donate any amount and support this worthy cause by just clicking on the Check Out icon.

Why support the Foundation? First, I can tell you that it's a great organization and I am willing to be silent for a significant amount of time that week in support of the Foundation, so isn't that enough for you to do this (just imagine me being silent for hours)? If that's not enough, how about this. The LTZ Foundation, in its ten years, of existence, has funded 25 scholarships for deaf college students around the country and enabled them to have an opportunity they may not otherwise have had. And those of you who have met or know any of them, I'm sure you'd agree these are phenomenal students. Learn more about all of the grantees as well as the organization on the Foundation website,


Moreover, I learned that the Foundation gets over 100 applications a year requesting help, many from outstanding students.  However, right now the Foundation can only fund 3 new students each year. So they need your help to allow them to support more of these incredible young men and women. Any amount of money helps - even just a few dollars - and it's all fully tax deductible as allowed by the law since they're a certified 501(c)3 non-profit company.

So join the fun. Go to the Check Out icon below, and donate!  Hopefully I will be silent during the month of October for many hours.  That would mean we're all helping a wonderful cause.


T o p r o v i d e scholarships and related assistance to people with hearing loss so they can compete successfully in our hearing society.


A world in which Americans with hearing loss have the same opportunity for success and quality of life as those with normal hearing.

The LTZ THREE YEAR GOAL (2013 - 2015)

To double the scholarship funds distributed.

Organized by Earl Zazove

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The deadline to Donate was Sunday, October 6, 2013