I believe in neighbors working together and I want to continue working for the people of Winston-Salem at City Hall. 

As your representative, I meet with your neighborhoods, listen to your concerns and respond to your calls and emails. 

I work to be your voice in support of 

    • Strong neighborhoods and reduced crime 
    • Safe streets and sidewalks 
    • Fiscal responsibility and low taxes 
    • Economic growth and opportunity for all 
    • Clean air and water for our families’ health 
    • Parks and greenways for all to enjoy. 

With your support, I will continue to work for a healthy, safe, green and welcoming community with opportunity for all in Winston-Salem.




Organized by Jack Campbell

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Item Qty Amount Total
$25.00 $0.00

Pays for pizza for volunteers for one evening of calling.

$50.00 $0.00

Pays for lunch for a crew of volunteers for one Saturday of canvassing.

$100.00 $0.00

Pays for 30 yard signs to post in the yards of neighborhood supporters.

$250.00 $0.00

Pays for 500 campaign flyers for volunteers to distribute door-to-door to persuadable voting households.

$500.00 $0.00

Pays for a mailing to 750 favorable voting households, reminding them to turn out on election day.

Other: $ $0.00

Every contribution helps re-elect Dan Besse and helps keep our community moving forward!

Total: $0.00