As you may know our friend Eric Sherman has fallen ill. Eric had a large epidural abscess between L4 & L5 & S1 with a disc buldge between L4 & L5 causing Spinal Stenosis. This required a surgery called Laminectomy to relieve the pressure, nerve pain and prevent permanent damage.

The cause of this epidural abscess was an infection. This same infection is also present in Eric's blood (septicemia) and is due to the Staphylococcus aureus bacterium. This requires 8 weeks of daily IV treatment of antibiotics. This will require daily IV antibiotics for 8 weeks.  Eric has all this with no health insurance. 

We are glad he will make a full recovery, however, as Eric is without insurance, he will amass a debt most likely somehere in the $300k range if not even more.  We are hoping to lighten his financial burden somewhat and any amount you can donate would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Danielle & Ed Modestino

Organized by Eric Sherman

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Help our friend Eric Sherman with his unexpected medical bills.

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