The Northeastern Detachment Marine Corps League & Museum in Scranton, Pennsylvania is home to more than 1500 artifacts, displaying the proud history and traditions of the United States Marine Corps.

The Northeastern Detachment Marine Corps League and Museum is completely dependent upon Membership Support and Visitor Donations.

The Detachment is housed in a historic stone structure which was built as a WPA project in 1936. It overlooks the city of Scranton as does the World War II Korea M-41 tank.

Entrance to the Museum is gained through the "Leatherneck Lounge", which consists of a full bar and comfortable seating for meetings and social gatherings.  The walls are lined with Marine Corps memorabilia such as historical posters, uniform prints, photos, stills and displays.  In the center of the floor is a carved and hand painted symbol of the Marine Corps - the Eagle, Globe and Anchor.  Left of the fireplace is one of the many dioramas, this one depicting the famous flag-raising on Mt. Suirbachi, Iwo Jima, a glorious feat of which all Marines are justifiably proud.  

The main Museum is located on the lower level where Marine Corps history is further represented by showcases that contain material, equipment and personal items used by Marines in combat.  

For more information please call (570) 677-6188 or visit us on Facebook  and/ or our website  https://http//   
If you would like to make a donation by mail, please make check out to Northeastern Detachment Marine Corps League and mail to 

Northeastern Detachment Marine Corps League
PO Box 1775 
Scranton, PA  18501

Semper Fi

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We at the Northeastern Detachment Marine Corps League & Museum, have a proud and rich history of serving our community in as many ways as possible, from posting colors at our parades, visiting local schools, attending funerals for our Military Veterans and collecting toys for the nationwide Toys for Tots program, the Marines are there.

Our Northeastern Detachment houses a beautiful Museum for the public to visit and all programs are free of charge. The Detachment members volunteer their time and energy to keep the building, museum and outside area in the best shape possible.

However, it is expensive to operate and maintain all of these programs and to upkeep our building and grounds which is why we are conducting a fundraising campaign throughout Northeast Pennsylvania . We need your financial help. Whatever you can afford, please make a pledge to our campaign. It will be appreciated and put to good use.

We will acknowledge your donation by sending you a thank you note with our sincere appreciation.

Like us on Facebook and/or visit our website

Thank you for your support, Semper Fi

Questions? Please Contact
Joel Sofranko,    or
Thomas Rummerfield

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